Project Cost Tracking

Project Cost Tracking System

project summary SolutionCorp’s online Project tracking system is one of the web’s best cloud based  tools for tracking project time and expenses. The system provides concise project budgeting and  project reporting. Our sofisticated tracking  tool sallows your decision makers to easily veiw and manage their projects.

Project Budgets & Planning

Project Cost Variance

The SolutionCorp cloud based Project Costing  system provide budgeting and tracking  for key Project components

  • Standard Labor costs
  • Project Expenses
  • Employee Performance
  • Project Budgets
  • Employee Allocation
  • Varinace Reporting
  • Manager & Executive portals


Project Performance

SolutionCorp Project Performance provides management detailed project insight. Reporting features include:

  • Budget versus Actual Cost
  • Cost activity breakdown
  • Integrated Timesheets
  • Project expenses
  • Cost Overruns & Variance
  • Department Performance
  • Percentage of Completion

Project Phases tracking is  optionally available.

      • Project by Phase
      • Project by Task
      • & any combination of the above ..

Online Project Tracking system features

Easily configure software for various timesheet formats Projects by Phase, Task , Labor Activity

Easily configure software for various timesheet formats Integrated Web based Timesheets

Interfaces with various Payroll software packages Interfaces with various ERP systems

Start with simple software implementation & expand later Manager and Executive portals

Report employee time by project and pay codes

Complete Project Reporting

Schedule employee time and resources Employee Allocation

Project Reporting

project report by employee
Detailed Project reports are avaiable by Employee, Work Centers, Pay Departments, and other numerous logical business groupings.

Our cloud based Project Reporting features:

  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Labor Cost by Activity
  • Labor Cost by Employee
  • Expense by Vendor
  • Filter Projects by Manager
  • &  more …

Project Reporting Full Detail

Get Full Detailed Project reports – see all transactions

Full Detail of Project Labor costs

  • See complete Project History
  • Filter reports by Managers
  • Detail Projects by Customer
  • Filter Projects by Sales Manager
  • &  more …

Project Expense Reporting

Get Detailed Project Expense reports


Project Expense Reporting   


  • See complete Project Expense History
  • Reports by Vendors
  • Expense Report by Employees
  • Expense Budget reports
  • Integrations with ERP
  • &  more …





Superior Report Filtering

Our superior report filtering schemes allows our users to report on their project data by Cusotmers, Sales Managers, Project Managers and other important personel.

Project Report Filtering:


  • Project Managers and Admins
  • Sub-ordinate managers
  • Complete date ranges control
  • Exports to Excel
  • Pay & Work Deparments
  • Customer Projects
  • &  more …

employee listing

Project User Roles:

  • Project Managers
  • Customer Reps
  • Employee Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Department Managers
  • Payroll Users
  • &  more …

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