Employee Allocation System

Employee Allocation

Employee Allocation System is fully integrated into SolutionCorp Time+Projects suite. The system allows for allocating employee time to project based up percentages.

Then we report of Actual Time allocated to projects versus the plan percent the employee should have allocated their time.  This information is highly valuable for measuring employee utilization across your projects.

Also important, is the ability for non-profit organizations to report on emloyee allocation by thier grants or  projects. You can quickly learn if any of your staff is over or under allocated.  Visible to your managers is how you employees are utilized and if they are under or over allocated to projects.

With our Employee Allocation system, managers can assign employees to specific projects and determine the amount of time an employee will spend on a project.  More advance options include date ranges and percentage of employees time that will be devoted to the project. The system  calculates the actual hours and days an employee have spent on the assigned project.

Allocate Employee time to Projects  by Percentage


Employee Allocation Report


Report on Employee Allocations and utilization



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