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For an employer, what’s important is that not only his employees regularly fill their online timesheet, but also that there is a way for him to view a concise and consolidated reporting of the filled timesheets. A timesheet summary report would give the employer a bird’s eye view into the working hours of his employees with just few simple clicks. SolutionCorp’s timesheet software features the functionality for timesheet summary report generation to allow employer to get an accurate real-time visibility into the work done and time spent by his employees.

In the cloud based timesheet of SolutionCorp, the employer can streamline his search for employee timesheets using various factors, depending on what exactly he is looking for. He can perform a comprehensive sweep through the employee timesheets by selecting whether he wants to view all timesheets, or only the missing, incomplete, missing and incomplete, not submitted, or unapproved timesheets. The employer can decide whether he wants to include timesheet software data for the terminated employees or not in the search results.

The search can be further narrowed down by selecting the exact time period for which the employee timesheet system data is needed. This can be done by either selecting a particular work week or by selecting a date range that could be today, yesterday, current week, month, quarter, and year, or last week, month, quarter, and year.

Once the employer has selected all the desired parameters, he can generate report to get the best time tracking summary for his employees. The report will show employee name, name of employee supervisor if any, and week-wise reporting of the hours filled by the employee and timesheet submission status. The employer can click on any of the records to view specific timesheet details.

The timesheet summary functionality of SolutionCorp’s online timesheet software offers employers with easy means to keep tabs on current and historical employee timesheet data.

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