Is Your Project Heading to Success? Check Now for Yourself!

Is Your Project Heading to Success? Check Now for Yourself!


As a project manager, you may be hard-wired by now to always chase success. But have you ever stopped to wonder what project success actually means? There are several factors at play that determine whether a project can be successful or not. Knowing about these obvious as well as subtle factors can help you evaluate your project in progress and predict whether it is routed towards success or failure. Let’s look over what these crucial factors are that can decide your project’s fate:


  1. Clearly Defined Goals– Whether it’s your client or your team members, every one associated with the project should be on same page when it comes to what needs to be achieved. You should use a project management system (PMS) to keep track of the project goals.


  1. Balance Between Promise and Capacity– It’s good to be confident in your abilities, but unwise to promise your client way more than you can actually deliver. Estimate work time and costs bearing limitations in your mind and then use a good PMS for project budgeting, project time tracking and project cost tracking.


  1. Channels for Open Communication – If a team member is facing a problem in achieving results, they should be able to get help without any fuss. Creating an open, dynamic work environment is essential in getting work done. This is how problems are identified and fixed.


  1. Track Daily Work Done – You have to dive into the nitty-gritty and track the tasks that are being done by your teammates on a daily basis. Implement a timesheet system to make this easier on yourself. Ask your team members to log in their daily tasks and hours in an online timesheet software so that you know what’s getting done every day.

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